How do solar cells work?

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What are solar cells and how do they work? Watch this video to find out!! Facebook: Twitter: …



17 thoughts on “How do solar cells work?

  1. BroManz

    no wonder solar cells are sooo inefficient..we missing soo much wavelength ….i wonder why..and is anyone working on capturing different wavelengths

  2. Sovereign Egbuhuzor

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  3. crazyzombie99

    Could anyone explain why the electrons move upward, towards the negative side? You'd expect them to move to the positive holes downward as they are attracted? Also, how can a hole move? I assume it are ''holes'' on the shell of the atoms, but how does that move around? Thanks

  4. jodymadoche

    Still not clear on the middle layer. What happens when all the atoms have no more electrons? Where do the new electrons come from? The sun only knocks the electrons free correct? Then what happens to the atoms? Plasma? lol

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