How Can Wind Power Generators and Solar Help You

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Uses of self made power
Wind Power Generators and solar technology offers a way to produce an endless fountain of electricity for the home or for any other uses around the house like to power a work shop area or perhaps to run pool equipment, or saunas, whirlpools, central heat and air, washers and dryers, hot water heaters. Athough units can be built to supply entire homes with electricity the home owner can be very versatile with design in size, capacities, and whether they would like the electricity to just operate certain pieces of home equipment and appliances or if they would prefer to have enough of a supply to run the entire home.

Use conventional electricity to run smaller appliances:
You may just want to build a system that would supply electricity to all of the units in your home that run on 220 and stay hooked up to the grid and use smaller amounts of electrical power from the electric company to run things like televisions, toasters, refridgerators, lights etc. Just this would still probably easily cut a power bill in half.  Lots of people are hopping aboard as they find out how wind power generators and  solar kits can be very valuable home improvement additions. Many come to realize that not only could it save them large amounts  of money in one respect  but also that the added benefits of increased property value made it a worth while improvement as well as being eco-logically beneficial too!

Clean energy resource
Not only is wind power generators up and coming for their versatility, cost effectiveness, and ease of installation but they address the present global warming issues (environmental) in a very big way, that being that the technology uses the wind and the sun which are both excellent renewable energy resources that dosen’t harm the environment in any way. The mining of Fossil fuels, coal, oil and natural gas, are all non-renewable sources of energy and are not only being drastically depleted but are heavily dependent upon in our society to produce electricity by being burnt which harms our atmosphere with the by product that is let over.

For those who don’t understand how the wind power generator and solar system works, a wind turbine or windmill is constructed which harnesses the wind and turns a generator, mounted in the prop area of the windmill, a car generator, which produces electricity that travels through a stator that in turn runs down through wires that take it to various other pieces of equipment that is incorporated in the system to register and transform the energy both coming in and going out to be stored and or be used in desired increments of various watts or volts. The solar part of the system comes into play moreso when the wind dies down and their isn’t sufficient wind to turn the propeller. The solar panels, which are strategically placed, catch the sunlight through special cells and store energy (electricity) that way.

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