Horizon FCJJ-39 Wind Energy Science Kit

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With the Horizon Wind Energy Science Kit (FCJJ-39) you can build a miniature power generation system that converts wind into electrical energy. Experiment with the pitch (angle setting) of turbine blades and find out the optimum number of blades for generating electricity. Nine blades, with three types of profiled blade based on NASA aeronautics and one type of poly-propylene sheet blade, provide the opportunity to find the perfect balance of wind resistance, weight and angle.

• Uniquely designed blade profile based on NASA aeronautics
• Most realistic wind turbine experimentation available on the market
• Complete wind energy curriculum covering vertical and horizontal axis turbines
• Blade angle adjustable from 0° to 55 degrees ( 3 postions)

Wind Energy Experiments
• How Many Blades Are Best – 1, 2, 3 … More?
•Using Three different Curved Blade Shapes
• Using Blades You Make Yourself
• Turbine Eïffciencies
• Measuring RPM
• Tuning For Maximum Power
• How Blade Angle or Pitch ffects Output Power

Contents Include:
• Mini wind turbine (wind power generator)
• Kit for learning about wind power energy
• Blade pitch, blade profile and number of blades can be evaluated
• Vane aligns the turbine automatically to the direction of the wind
• Special 3 phase alternator for higher output power
• LED for output power demonstration
• Complete educational curriculum on wind energyConvert wind to electrical energy.
Design based off of NASA aeronautics.
Add or remove blades to find the most efficient set-up.
Power included LED lights or other small devices.
Own a truly unique, miniture icon of green energy.