Homemade Wind Turbines – How I Spent My Time and Money to Build One

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When I first set out to learn how to build a homemade wind turbine for my backyard I was amazed at all the information available on the Internet. This was going to be easy, or so I thought. Everywhere I turned someone one was trying to sell me parts or guides or tips, but none of it made sense, and none of it looked cheap.

I wanted to build my own wind turbine, I knew that, I just did not know how I was going to do it. I figured what the heck and looked into a few do it yourself guides and they have some good information, but not enough. I wanted step by step, I wanted diagrams, I wanted pictures. I mean, I could tell you what is in rocket fuel, but that does not mean that you could launch anything to the moon, does it? No of course not, you would need lots more information and you would need to work with other people that knew what they were doing too.

That is what I was looking for, helpful people that knew what they were doing. People that had actually built homemade wind turbines from scratch. Unfortunately all I found where the guides I mentioned above. Like I said, they've got some information, but there was so much left to understand and I did not want to start buying material and then find I do not need it or do not understand what its used for. Have you seen the cost of metal these days? The cost of copper alone was enough to make me rethink wherever or not I wanted to continue with this project. I was debating between getting out while I had only spent some money on a few guides or waiting until I spent lots more on the materials.

I started thinking that there must be an easier way. Farmers and factories throw out older motors and metal and other stuff everyday so where could I get some of that? I realized that if maybe I got my hands on used material, rather then buying it all from a hardware store I could really cut down on costs. Using that approach and a instruction manual that agreed with my idea I was finally able to put together a real life working wind turbine. It sits proudly in my back yard and produces enough electricity everyday to power my refrigerator and a few other appliances everyday.

Source by Henry Markson