Home Wind Power Kits Now Available At Local Electronic Super Stores

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The other day my brother and I went to Fry's because I wanted to price some computer gear. I was amazed when walking down the aisle of this electronics super store to see home wind power kits sitting right there next to some solar panel kits – not even ten feet away from the computer accessories.

Wow, I thought. Green energy has come a long way in the last few years.

I can actually buy a small home wind turbine, ready to install, on a Saturday afternoon with my visa credit card in a local electronics store and have the turbine fully functional before the end of the weekend.

Of course there is quite a difference between the home wind power kit I saw that Saturday afternoon shopping with my brother and the residential wind turbines used to fully power homes.

Still, it is a huge leap forward to find green energy kits so readily available to the average consumer.

So, why is it average home owners are willing to shell out $ 799.00 dollars or more to purchase one of these hobbyist residential wind turbines?

A couple of reasons I think.

First, the public has finally realized that energy prices will never decline. Because of general shortage of supply, and the ability of those who own and control the power companies to manipulate the prices, everyone now understands that high energy prices are here to stay.

Secondly, I believe people are curious about the mechanics and operation of any device that will allow them to take free resources such and the sun and wind and create electrical power that they can use in their home.

Though, it's really not much more than an adult toy (costing about the same as an ipad), and you will not be able to power your entire home with the department store bought green energy kit, there is no doubt – it is progressive , fun, and educational to own.

Plus, you will actually generate real power that you can use: free! That is empowering.

It makes perfect sense that people familiarize themselves with the new technology before they are willing to pay, what will end up costing about the same as building an addition to their home, to have the professional residential wind turbine or solar panel installed where they can generate enough electricity to power their own home.

Green energy equals a brighter future. Explore the opportunities today!

Source by William St.