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Home wind power generator

Is about generating wind power electricity for the home and work sheds or out buildings for dam pumps and security lights using the free energy that is available most of the year.

Renewable diy enthusiast are trying to disconnect from commercial utility power grids  find an alternative power source by building and  erecting home wind  turbines generators outside their homes to save money and mainly reduce their electricity use.

In some cases the home owner can produce excess wind electricity and sell the excess power back to the commercial utility power company.

Installing a home wind power generator for the home can be an easy task. Purchase a wind power package from the internet and follow the step by step guides.

Residential – Domestic home wind power generator

In case when the wind has stopped the home owner needs to have a battery bank then converts this battery power into house electricity 120 volts A.C.

Wind flow may be higher than the house and a wind generator Towner may be erected  to put the wind generator up into the wind flow or the Towner could be positioned away from the house and take advantage of a slight hill.

The tower is just a technical name for the pole that the home wind turbine generator or other type of generator mounted on, and in some cases will need steel guy ropes for strength in high winds.

Another issue with home wind turbine generators is when strong winds are present the wind generator needs to have a electrical brake system installed because it would be not be practical to lower the Towner every time there are strong winds.

There are many wind generator installation services. Some things to look for when installing a home wind power generator on the property. 1 Safety Issues/Laws 2 Municipal Regulations 3 City Regulations 4 State Regulation concerning the home wind generator system

There are safety issues that can be overcome with common sense. Example. The Towner would not be position or mount to low to cause harm.

Regulation is relative to where you live. The extremes in regulation go from no regulation at all, to extremely prohibitive. A good site to check out is the EERA website and do a Google search for wind power in America. Both websites will give the home owner all the relative information regarding state regulations, detailed information about tax credits and rebates for wind power listed under each state.

Home wind power is becoming so popular that a lot of local authorities are either ignoring the usage of wind energy by saying nothing or they simply are not caught up with the times.

The general way that home wind power system works is: Wind Turbines or wind generators will take advantage of wind [spin the Blades] that will agitate magnets in the motor [permanent magnets] to generate friction [Magnetic flux] and produce electrical power [current – AMPS] for home electricity.

The potential growth is strong for the wind turbine generators to power home throughout the states.

Wind power for the home is a great alternative to traditional grid power, it is simple to put in place and can help off-set or eliminate power bills and save the money each month. $$$$

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