Home Solar Panels and Wind Turbines to Completely Destroy Your Power Bill

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With oil and electricity prices soaring, peak oil looming and the environment suffering from our addiction to fossil fuels, its about time that you started generating power for your house using renewable, clean methods. Home solar panels and wind turbines can be constructed and installed easily, in a safe reliable manner and will allow you to cut most, if not all of your electricity bill completely. By combining the two systems in your home with power saving habits, you can actually produce excess power, and then sell it back to your utility company for profit.

Home solar panels are becoming more and more popular these days. However, this also means that the price of having them installed by a professional technician is still very high, despite the cost of the raw materials required going down at quite a steady rate. You will be looking at a cost of at least $3000 to have solar panels installed in your home (wind turbines will also set you back a similar amount) It is possible to build your own fully functional system, from scratch and install it, for under $250. This will perform just as well as any professionally installed job. All of the extra cost of professional installation comes from the labour costs. For a few hours of work over a weekend, you can save yourself over $2500 on installation costs, and that figure doesn’t even include the savings you will make on your power bill.

Wind turbines are another good option for powering your home using alternative energy. Much like solar, they are expensive to have built and installed by professionals, but can be fitted on the cheap by yourself. For less than $300 you can build an attractive, reliable and safe wind power system that will provide power on all but the most windless of days. Installing the system yourself is just as easy as the solar generator, and these two alternative energy systems will combine to give you simply mind-blowing electricity savings and power bill reductions.

So how do you build your solar panels and wind turbine system? You will need to use a set of instructions and blueprints for both devices in order to get the maximum possible power savings. Of course you could try and work it out yourself, but that will just waste time and money. With the right set of blueprints you will be told exactly what to purchase, how to assemble all the components, and how to install both the systems in a safe manner, with a minimum of time, difficulty and fuss. Finally, you’ll also save a large amount of money, which is always great news.

Source by Jeff A. Palmer