Home Solar Energy Products That Save You Money

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Do you wince every time you open your utility bill? Unfortunately, it’s only going to get worse. Like gas, electricity prices are going to continue to rise.

But there’s good news. Solar power is becoming a more viable source of energy with each passing day. In fact, many experts believe that solar energy will surpass fossil fuels within 10 years. Eventually, all our energy will come from clean sources, such as the sun. It’s only a matter of time. But you don’t have to wait. There are plenty of great home solar energy products you can use today that can save you lots of money. Here are some of the most popular:

Solar Powered Fans

Fans are the perfect solar product because they work hardest when you need them the most–on a hot, sunny day! Solar powered fans come in all sizes. Larger solar powered attic fans go on your roof and ventilate your attic. Smaller gable fans are installed in gables (naturally) and are perfect for garages, storage sheds, workrooms, and even barns. And solar powered vents are smaller still. These little guys are great for boats, campers, vans, and even dog houses!

Fans keep people cool, but they also keep spaces clean. Heat produces moisture, which in turn creates mold, mildew, rust, and bacteria. Solar powered fans don’t allow moisture to develop, and they work for free. They’re also easy to install because you don’t need to worry about electrical outlets or wiring.

Solar Water Heaters

Did you know that 30% of an average home’s energy cost is due to heating water? And most of that hot water is never even used. What a tremendous waste of money and resources!

Solar water heaters provide the greatest amount of energy per dollar than any other solar product. And you don’t have to worry about running out of hot water, since most systems include a back-up system using gas or electricity.

They even make portable solar “showers” that are great for campers. Just fill them with water (they hold 4 gallons) put them in the sun, and in a couple of hours you’ve got about three hot showers.

Solar Pool Heaters

These are very popular, and it’s easy to see why. For just a couple of hundred dollars you can raise your pool’s temperature by 10-15 degrees, adding months to the swimming season no matter where you live. Because they are so simple to install you can easily take them down during the coldest winter months.

Solar Powered Fountains

Whether you want a birdbath fountain, a cascading fountain, or even a waterfall, solar powered fountains are a cost-effective way to beautify your garden or patio. Fountains are perfect for solar power because you don’t have to worry about electrical outlets, wiring, or power sources. Just put the fountain where you want it and enjoy!

Solar Powered Lights

There are many different kinds of solar lights you can buy, including garden lights, deck and patio lights, spot lights, step lights, and security lights. There are even solar Christmas lights!

These are some of the most popular home solar energy products you can buy today. People who use them say it feels great knowing they’re not wasting energy anymore–or money! After all, the sun is continually throwing off tremendous amounts of energy you can now harness. What are you waiting for?

Source by Jim Henderson