Hardened Power Systems Solar Array for Vantage RT w/ 30W Solar Panel, 50W Solar Controller, Battery Adapter, Cables, and Brackets

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This is the solar panel, solar panel bracket, the solar power controller, BatPac, BatPac bracket and one Anderson power cable meant to be paired with other Hardened Power Systems parts to create the Vantage RT.

Mast and RBC2 Sealed Lead-Acid Battery sold separately!!

The Vantage RT is a standalone solar charging communication device that will erect completely in about two minutes. When paired with an antenna and a tripod, this 30 watt solar panel, with an integrated, automatic, 5amp 50W solar controller can charge one or two batteries at the same time. The solar panel mounts with swivel arms and rubber studs that are bolted onto the mast with stainless steel hardware. Pair this solar array with your radio, a battery pack, the antenna mount (and antenna of choice) and a tripod you will have an easy to set up, efficient to use, and incredibly portable communication device.

30W Solar Panel Array with Mast Bracket
50W, 5A Solar Controller – Able to charge one or two batteries at the same time.
BatPac for RBC2 Batteries with Mast Bracket