Hanergy Solar Powered Electric Cars 汉能太阳能汽车

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Hanergy launched four models of solar powered cars on July 2 2016.



39 thoughts on “Hanergy Solar Powered Electric Cars 汉能太阳能汽车

  1. Владимир Ященко

    Привезете их в Москву, и через пол года я Вам колёса от неё верну. Так как эти автомобили только для теплиц! Реально они и пол года в Москве не проживут… =)))

  2. C P Lib

    What we really need to know is how many extra miles will the car be able to go on a sunny day? Also, if you drive the car to work then how much can it charge the battery while parked for 8 hours. More info would be nice.

  3. usertogo

    Thanks for the video, that subject is big time interesting. Please post more about it, I loved the Italian singing at the end – very
    disappointing it is cut at the end….

  4. usertogo

    How could you cut it off in the middle of the song? Who is the singer? He sings in Italian I guess? Please post a video just with the song and some shots of the presented concepts! Subtitles would be extremely good too; the World needs more of these great efforts in the right direction!

  5. John Doe

    This can revolutionize the world. These cars are small powerplants with energy storage so enough of them connected in a smartgrid in a city could make the city energy self sufficient and eliminiate fossil fuel as well.

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