Hand Wind up Power Dynamo Crank Charger Kit for Mobile Phones-Color Random

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100% Brand NewNo power source is needed. To act as an emergency charger for mobile phone by handle rotation.High efficiency: To get 3 – 5 minutes communication by rotation for 3 minutes.Bi-functional: To be used as an emergency light with build-in LED.6V Voltage LimitationMobile Phone Charger: insert the appropriate adapter into the charge connector of mobile phone.Insert the other plug of the adapter into the socket of the product.Twist the handle and rotate it clockwise at the speed of 2 – 2.5circles per second. The LED will light up as an emergency light.Precautions:Stop rotation once the product is heated. Re-use it as the temperature descends.Stop using the product once it sends out different noise, smoke, or the battery case of the mobile phone is heated.Be careful not to hurt your hand or nail during hand rotation.Do not put the product in the place under high temperature and heavy humidity.Choose the appropriate adapter for different mobile phone models.The product can not charge the phone battery fully and it is only used for emergency purpose.Hand Wind up Power Dynamo Crank Charger Kit for Mobile Phones-Color Random
This charger is reusable and convenient for travel being lightweight and compact. Supply power to your mobile when there’s no power available. It has an inbuilt extra flashlight as an emergency light. In a word, it is your very own miniature power station.