Green Solar Power – The Ultimate Solution For the Future

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Green solar power has been used through the centuries from magnifying glasses, to solar powered calculators. Scientists have looked for better ways to harness the energy of the sun. The politicians have put solar energy as a top priority in many countries. With the pollutants of fossil fuels, there is a huge push to find renewable sources of energy to power our homes. One solution is through solar powered energy.

Although there is an increased awareness and a rapid growth in technology of the past couple of years, in the United States, solar powered energy accounts for only than 1% of the energy used for electricity. Green solar energy is more popular in some European countries. German has promoted the development of green solar power with incentives. This requires electric companies to buy solar energy at a high fixed rate. California is the leading state in the United States for green solar power.

The sun’s energy can be used to generate electricity in several ways. Concentrating solar power is one way. This method of green solar power uses mirrors to focus and reflect the sun’s ray and then provides heat. That heat helps to power a generator. Another way to use green solar energy is called photovoltaic panels which is a material used to take the energy from the sun and turn it into an electric charge. You can find these panels on rooftops of houses and buildings. There are kits available to build your own photovoltaic panels.

One drawback of solar power is that it is expensive: generating power from photovoltaic panels costs a significant amount more than the use of coal. But with new technology and the ever increasing need or us to use solar energy to save the planet, the United States government have offered various incentives to encourage property owners to put these solar panels on their roofs and yards.

Solar panels are, so far, the best way to produce electricity from sun’s energy and can be used in your home and office. With battery backup, the sun’s energy can be stored and used in the evenings and on cloudy days.

Source by Aleta Grahm