Good News Concerning Renewable Energy – Solar And Wind Power The Best Sources

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Every one is talking about renewable sources, privates and governments are taking action to produce renewable energy all over the world.
But what are the most convenient sources?
The best and more convenient among the others are solar and wind power.

In fact if we could cover a surface area equal to 1,5% of Europe with PV panels it would be enough to the world wide energy consumption. And if we could convert 0.02% of the total solar power that reaches our planet into electricity, that tiny fraction would be enough to the world wide energy consumption.

So let’s consider just some of the advantages that solar power exploitation may offer

Does not require fuel
No pollutants are released
Is cost effective
As technology advances prices decrease and efficiency increases
Is a modular and expandable technology
Invests our planet 24 hours a day and 7 days per week – no breaks, no holidays and no out of service will occur.

The other great source is wind power generated from the influence of the sun rays that reaches our planet.
Wind power, too, is present in huge amounts. Converting about 15% of the overall wind power would be enough for the world wide energy consumption.
The prices may vary according to different factors such as size of the wind farm, location, which directly influences the installation costs and wind speed.

Generally speaking:
The bigger the farm the cheaper the production
The faster the wind the cheaper the production
The cheaper the construction the cheaper the production

Considering the above, take a look at some of the advantages of a wind power-plant

Does not require fuel
Contributes to green house gases elimination
Is much cheaper than every other fossil-fueled power-plant
Is much more efficient than any fossil fueled power plant
Is modular and expandable

Can you imagine what it can be like if we implement a combination of these two sources to produce our energy?
Cheap and green as never before, this is what our world is going to be like.

So why not?

Source by Sam Deias