GardenHOME Outdoor LED Solar Powered Spotlight, Waterproof, 180 Adjustable Angle

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The GardenHOME Outdoor LED Solar Powered Spotlight is a versatile, durable and sturdy light that will last years in any kind of weather. Illuminate your yard for a garden party, light your walkway for easy access at nighttime, and use it as a decorative accent for your home or garden. Burglars avoid well lit properties. Keep your home safe by illuminating it without wasting electricity. The unit is built to withstand rain, snow, sleet, wind and ice. Hassle free installation means it’s ready to start charging right out of the box. No wires or batteries needed.


Hassle-free: Wireless and easy to use. Just take it out of the box and insert the peg in the ground.

Long-lasting: Four LED lamp bulbs last 55,000 hours.

Completely water-proof: Use in any kind of weather, including snow and rain.

Versatile: The solar panel can be adjusted to ensure that it receives optimum light during the daytime, the light.

Automatic: The light operates from dawn to dusk automatically.

How it Works

The GardenHOME Outdoor LED Solar Powered Spotlight draws energy through the adjustable solar panel. Use the peg to insert the light in the ground and adjust the solar panel towards the sun for optimal power. There are no wires or switches to worry about. The light will come on automatically when it gets dark.Illuminate your walkway, patio, lawn, and driveway, and protect your property year-round with the waterproof Outdoor LED Solar-Powered Spotlight
Four bright LED lamps work from dawn to dusk automatically; use in snow, rain, sleet, wind, etc.
Wireless and versatile, the Spotlight includes a peg to insert in the ground
Solar panel can be adjusted to ensure optimal exposure to the sun during the day
No wiring required: Just stick it in the ground during the day, and it will be ready to work by evening