Fun Facts Teach Kids About Renewable Energy

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Renewable energy is the wave of the future, which means the subject needs to be a strong focus for teachers and children. When it comes to teaching such a vast topic, fun facts about renewable energy are often the best place to start. Here are three fun facts that kids probably do not know about alternative sources of power.

Wind Turbines – The History Started in 200 BC

In China and the Middle East, wind mills were set up to grind meal and pump water. This is the earliest historical representation of renewing power. The United States comes into the picture in the 1940s when a modern wind turbine was developed in Vermont.

Biomass Energy Comes from Grass, Paper and Wood

Switchgrass, paper and wood are all used to create electricity in the United States. Other renewable sources of energy include algae and municipal waste. In the future, some plants may use discharged leaves as a source of power. More than 30 million tons of discharged leaves are disposed of every year in landfills.

Water Powered Electricity Dates to 1882

In 1882, the first renewable energy plant producing electricity from water was built in the United States. The plant, located in Fox River, Wisconsin was developed by HF Rogers and produced 12.5 kilowatts of electricity.

Children are the future of renewing power. Teaching children how the use of fossil fuels impacts the earth and future generations is just a start. When alternative energy sources are taught in school and renewing sources of electricity are commonly spoken about in an educational setting, children are more apt to ask questions at home and make a difference in the world.

Source by Yvonne Mustafelli