Flexzion Solar Charger Controller 30A MPPT Tracer – Solar Panel Battery Regulator Tracer 3210A 12V 24V Smart Overloading, Short-circuit Safe Protection, LCD Display

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Solar Charge Controllers are positioned between the solar panel and the battery. They control or regulate the power that is given to the battery. Amongst all of the functions, they perform its main value to stop overcharging and ensure the battery is charged efficiently.|MPPT circuit solar charge controllers are considerably more elaborate than standard PWM solar power controllers. The voltage of the solar panel changes with time of day and temperature. The optimum voltage for battery charging changes as the state of charge of the battery changes. The MPPT photovoltaic charge controller matches these voltages and can result in 30% more efficient transfer of power. This means that quality MPPT solar charge controller can reduce the number of solar panels needed by up to 30%, a tremendous benefit. While only a small part of system price, an MPPT solar panel charge controller can leverage the rest of the system to better performance.Advanced Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology, with efficiency no less than 99.5%, maximum conversion efficiency of 98%, the MPPT control algorithm can fast and accurately track out the best maximum power point (MPP) of photovoltaic array in order to obtain maximum solar energy in time, which remarkably improves energy efficiency
30 amp 12V/24VDC automatically identifying system voltage recognition; load control modes including manual control, light ON/OFF, light On+Timer and time control
Full-Scale Safety Measures: Over charging, load overload/short circuit, short circuit, battery reverse polarity protection and controller overheating protection to ensure complete protection for you and your system
With RS-485 communication bus interface and Modbus communication protocol, it is available to meet various communication requirements in different situations
Features an LCD screen for displaying system operation information and data, allows for full control of parameter settings, and available for PC monitoring and external display realizing real-time data checking and parameters setting