Feasibility Study for Installing a Small Wind Power Generation System

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The consumption of home established wind turbine power has become a really popular item in a lot of homes. More and more people across the world have come across the idea of the economic value of applying such a way to produce energy. This is because they want to freely use the energy for their daily domestic needs. This is also because energy produced by the wind turbine saves us a lot of money of the m monthly electricity bills as well as it also has the potential of being used as a means of earning some money at the same time. The investment to be made for installation of the wind power turbine is not so much compared to the increasing rise of the cost of the electricity bill we have to pay. The investment made is bound to recoup itself within a few months or so.

Before setting up a wind turbine, the following study should be conducted and a feasibility report prepared and studied well before going ahead with the installation. The company from whom you will purchase the equipment and also install the wind turbine should be able to prepare a wind turbine feasibility study which should consider the following aspects before setting up the turbine.

The first and foremost thing that must be taken into account is the site where the proposed wind turbine is going to be set up. Wind turbines should be set up in only those sites where the average wind speed is 20 miles per hour because this will generate twice as much power as a site where the average wind speed is only 15 miles per hour.

The property where you have decided to set up the turbine should be free from obstacles. Ideally the turbine should be set up in a higher place at least thirty feet above any obstacles and should also have at least 300 feet clear area around it.

The wind in the site should have consistency and stable high speeds because instability can put extra stress on the tower and other turbine parts. The site chosen should be preferably at a little distance from residential areas and should be properly fenced and warning signs affixed at different places around the site.

The environmental impact that is likely to be caused should also be studied. The animal habitats nearby should be taken into account as there is some unfounded prejudice against wind turbines over deaths of small birds, which is however negligible. The zoning bylaws and other restrictions related to the situation of the wind turbine should be also be taken into consideration during the study of the feasibility of setting up of the wind turbine.

As the normal life expectancy of a small wind turbine is about 15 years, the economic impact it may have on your budget towards its maintenance and replacement of parts should also be considered. However the maintenance needs of small wind turbines are negligible, once it is properly installed by a reputable company.

Today wind power has become another source of energy in addition to the other sources of energies that are now presently used. To learn more about wind power and wind turbine feasibility study, the help of the internet can be taken for searching more information on the subject. You can also take the help of the internet in finding out a reliable company for conducting an effective wind power feasibility study because this is one of the most important factors to be considered, before setting up a wind power turbine.

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