Farmers Between a Weather Rock and a Diesel Fuel Hard Place

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American Midwest Farmers have gotten into a pickle none of which is their own fault. What is it this time you ask? The Farmers in America or at least the Family Farmer is a dying breed and has been now for nearly 80 years. Well it gets worse and not just with Family Farms, but with corporate farms as well and this affects every thing from potatoes to corn for Ethanol to livestock feed and harvesting.

You see the summer heat waves have been significant and Central Valley CA farmers, Montana and Wyoming Ranchers, as well as Nebraska, Kansas and Dakota Wheat farmers have watched crops melt and some burn due to fires. Worst of all these heat waves and lack of water and dried soil is now being compared to the 1930’s dust bowl, ever read; The Grapes of Wrath?

To make it worse harvesting and transportation due to high diesel costs for farm equipment and trucks is taking its toll on profit margins? How serious is all this? Very, for instance food assistance in Africa is rationing less than half now. Yes the problems are felt half way around the world.

Worse off the Farmers Almanac, which is right about 80% of the time predicts this will be a severe Mid West Drought year. Not good considering the current situation. Pray for rain say some farmers, but is that enough say others? Consider all this in 2006.

Source by Lance Winslow