Facts About Solar Power Renewable Energy

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Renewable energy systems are having a positive social, environmental, and economic impact all over the world. Even though people have been using solar energy for quite some time, it is showing a new resurgence now. Due to this, the full effect electrical solar power is having is not fully known. The full impact can only be determined when communities make much more use of renewable resources and solar energy.

Now almost everyone accepts that various environmental crisis and global warming, caused by heavy use of fossil fuels, can only be averaged by using renewable and clean sources of energy such as sunlight. Solar power renewable energy has many well-known positive impacts on the environment, which includes no pollution of the water or air, and no emission of greenhouse gases. Power from the sun is also renewable, and can never get exhausted.

However, the social and economic impacts of electrical solar power are not yet fully recognized. Solar plants constructed on a large scale can give significant benefits economically over a short term by creating many jobs in the construction industry. However, this boost of the economy will have a short life span; and the advantages of extra employment will decrease significantly in about three years. Fortunately, it is not necessary to build plants on a large scale to reap the benefits of solar power. Energy from the sun is accessible from almost any place, and the harvesting can be done efficiently from a local level. Local installation of solar cells will provide jobs to small communities, and jump-start economies locally. Once the demand increases for solar power, jobs will also increase in the plants that manufacture solar cells. Right now, most of the electricity is generated in power plants of a large size, and is transmitted over long distances, until it reaches consumers. For building and maintaining such a huge infrastructure, a huge amount of money is required. This huge infrastructure cost will also diminish, once solar energy on a local level becomes commonly available.

Harvesting sun's energy and directing it for electrical solar power generation will have the advantage of forming and strengthening the ties between all humans. A solar photovoltaic off-grid system was recently installed in Haiti at the Louverture-Clearly School on the outskirts of Port-au-Prince, after the area was triggered by a devastating earthquake in the first month of 2010. An off-grid system of 5 kW was installed on the school building's roof. This installation helped to generate a load for running many lights, fans, computers, a water cooler, freezer, and a refrigerator, which directly affected the daily lives of so many people living in that area. There is a tremendous potential in solar power renewable energy for positively affecting various human communities. By implementing this great technology, many big cities, small towns, neighborhoods, and families can find out needs that are common. They can come together to locally address important issues like environmental concerns, energy security, and economic instability. Positive change can be taken about by electrical solar power.

Source by Avery Lane