Facts About Solar Energy

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You have likely been told many times different facts about solar energy. Of course, it is hard to know which facts about solar energy are actually “facts” and which are more like opinions.

This article is going to relay to you some of the top facts about solar energy. It will delve into not just positive facts about solar energy, but negative ones, as well. Are you ready? Here we go:

Facts about solar energy (in no particular order):

· Solar energy is a renewable resource (it may go away at night, but we will always have it.)

· Solar energy will not pollute our air with carbon dioxide and other harmful greenhouse gases and bad emissions.

· Solar energy can be used to heat water, dry clothes, heat swimming pools, power attic fans, power small appliances, produce light for both indoors and outdoors, and even to power cars, among other things.

· In 1990, a aircraft powered solely by the sun crossed the United States.

· Solar energy products can be very expensive. The initial cost is, perhaps, the main disadvantage of solar energy.

· You need a relatively large area to install solar panels if you want a good level of efficiency.

· Depending where you live (Arizona vs. Alaska, around many shady trees or in the desert, etc.), you will get different results with solar energy systems.

· Of course, once you install the products, they can be very inexpensive to run. In fact, energy from the sun is free.

· If you have a really good solar energy system, one that produces even more energy than you use, your utility company can buy it from you.

· When you use solar energy, you are making you and your home independent. You do not need to depend on foreign or other sources of energy which can raise their costs quickly.

· To run a solar energy system, you do not even need to connect to a gas or power grid.

· Solar energy cannot be produced at night or if there is a lot of pollution in the air or clouds over the sun.

· Of course, realize that you can have a battery backup system with your solar energy system that will take care of the problems that could arise when the sun does not rise, so to speak.

· You can install solar energy in remote locations.

· If there is a power outage, you can still have electricity!

· As your energy needs grow, you can add more solar panels

· Solar panels operate silently.

· Solar powered cars are not yet up to par with other cars. They have a much slower speed.

· Solar energy systems require very little maintenance and will last for a long time.

· Technology for solar energy is constantly improving.

Those are just a few facts about solar energy. I hope that they were helpful!

Source by Anne Clarke