Evance ISKRA R9000

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Harnessing energy through wind turbines:

The environmental impact of resource depletion calls for more intelligent ways of converting renewable sources into useful energy. People have been harnessing the power of the wind for many centuries and the birth of the modern wind power industry in 1979 paved the way for wind turbine production and usage on a commercial scale.

Today we face many challenges in the quest to find cleaner, sustainable energy alternatives but innovative technology and forward thinking are quickly changing the face of commercial and private energy consumption.

Wind Turbine companies continue to develop smaller, more efficient wind turbines in the race to eliminate fossil fuels and resource depletion while increasing energy independence. Companies such as Evance wind are dedicated to produce better, more efficient wind turbines for both the UK and International Market.

Evance Wind: Small Scale Turbines UK:

Evance Wind was established more than a decade ago in the UK with a vision to create a full range of small-scale wind turbines demonstrating the best in class power generation, performance and efficiency. The UK’s announcement of feed-in tariffs is driving a new demand for small wind turbines in the UK. People are considering their future and seeking ways and avenues to decrease their reliance on fossil fuels and reducing their carbon footprint.

Evance research and use the latest wind turbine technology in their quest to reshape the wind power usage in both private and commercial sectors. Evance’s wind turbine technology continues to help individuals, schools and farms practice a lifestyle that encourages sustainable and cost-effective energy usage.

Evance ISKRA R9000:

After 10 years of extensive research Evance was glad to announce the release of a new range small-scale wind turbine, manufactured in the UK. The Evance ISKRA R9000 is an advanced wind turbine that will especially benefit the ‘small wind’ market. This wind turbine is called the R9000 because it promises, backed by IEC 91400-2 testing procedures, to generate 9,000 kWh of power each year at average wind speeds of 5m/s.

This UK manufactured wind turbine is the most efficient 5kW wind turbine that is currently available on the market and it has reduced installation time and costs make this system very attractive for light commercial application and private use. This small wind turbine is designed to give homes, schools and farming communities the opportunity to harness wind power in a way that is cost-effective and sustainable.

More energy at lower wind speed:

The ISKRA R9000 was designed to capture more energy at lower wind speeds and this system combines the latest technology with past experience to give the public the most efficient 5kW wind turbine.

Some of the technologies and features that make the ISKRA R9000 unique in its field are its superior blade technology, reactive blade pitch mechanism as well as the proprietary and advanced generator design that minimises noise while maintaining optimal power efficiency. This advanced small wind turbine has a patented, high-efficiency generator, which converts up to 96% of the energy captured from the wind into useful electricity.

Reactive PitchTM technology,

The R9000 is the first UK wind turbine to be equipped with Reactive PitchTM technology, a unique control concept developed and patented by Evance Wind. This enables the blades to capture exactly the right amount of energy according to the wind speed and generator loading conditions. The unique Reactive PitchTM mechanism automatically pitches the blades at higher wind speeds, ensuring that the aerofoils are perfectly positioned to the wind at any wind speed.

Every aspect of the R9000 has been carefully thought out and integrated for maximum safety, efficiency and reliability. Innovations in the field of wind turbine technology are slowly creating a platform for greener, more sustainable living.

Source by Evance Wind