Ensupra SolarGen1KW 1000-watt Solar Power Generator with 240-watt Solar Panel Charger

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240-Watt solar panel charging kit; 1000-watt power inverter, 20amp solar charge controller, 25-yrs panel manufacturer warranty on solar panel.240 watt solar panel generates solar electricity and run your home with 1000-watt system
High efficiency polycrystalline solar charging kit provides up to 240 watts of electricity; peak per hour
30% federal tax credit; solar panel has 25 years of warranty from manufacturer; inverter & charge controller has 1 year of warranty
Expected production of 1kw-h on sunny day
Includes one 240w panel (vary 230w to 250w),1kw power inverter (peak 2kw),20-amp solar charge controller; and 25 ft. Cables; mounting brackets