Energy Healing and Self Awareness

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Energy healing is a simple method of clearing blocked energies in our bodies, which as well, gives us the opportunity of moving closer and closer to true Self Awareness.

Why do we experience sickness and despair?

We are all subject to the law of Karma, which is the law of Action and Reaction, or Cause and Effect. “What you give out – comes back”. “As you sow – so shall you reap”.

We have all lived many thousands of lives as humans on planet earth, and over those lifetimes we have given out and received the whole spectrum of human emotions.

These emotions range from love to extreme hatred; from kindness and compassion to extreme cruelty; from tolerance to extreme bigotry; from generous sharing of abundance to creating lack and greed as our lifestyle.

The experience of giving and receiving of all these emotions could best be described as the initial action or cause of an incredibly complex chain reaction of effects in the unconscious and subconscious levels of ourselves; our inner child if you like.

While we have all both given and received many of the positive emotions of love, kindness, compassion and tolerance, unfortunately it is our experience of both giving and receiving the negative emotions of hatred, cruelty, bigotry, lack and greed which are currently causing many of us to experience problems with many aspects of our health and well being.

These problems can range from physical ailments to emotional and spiritual emptiness in our lives.

In order for us to move out of our current illusions of sickness, loneliness and emptiness of spirit, we need some assistance to pull ourselves out of the quagmire of Karmic effects which are gradually suffocating us and stopping all our attempts to improve our lives by moving towards self sufficiency and self awareness.

Energy healing is a combination of extremely high and divine spiritual healing energies which are designed to help us move towards true self awareness.

Through a thorough clearing of all energy power points and circuits, there can be a great clearing of locked up energy in our bodies.

As with all spiritual healing, this energy healing carries no guarantees as to its effectiveness.

Its main aim is to assist that unconscious and subconscious part of us to remove itself from its self imposed fantasy of suffering and pain.

Once this is achieved the more spiritual, wise and strong part of ourself will assist us to build for ourself a new reality of love, prosperity and happiness.

During this process all the pain and suffering we have convinced ourself is real, must come out.

It is locked inside our bodies.

It causes blockages to the free flow of divine vital life force in all levels of ourself.

It is the basic cause of all emotional, mental and physical illness. “As you think, so you are!”

But I am not talking about our conscious self. I am talking about that deep dreamer which is our subconscious self.

This dreamer has to be taught how to dream up a more positive life experience for us.

It can do this when all ties with its past suffering have been healed, thus allowing the more positive part of ourself to come forward in our consciousness.

The gaining of self awareness is when this subconscious self, this inner child returns to the innocence of the garden of Eden which still exists inside ourselves, and is waiting to be re-discovered.

This allows that deeper, wiser and more powerfully spiritual part of ourselves to form a oneness, a unity within every aspect of ourself, which gradually replaces the constant arguing and bickering which is currently taking place deep inside us.

As all links with our past sufferings are healed, as we continue with our inner work, our subconscious self will be able to commence to fully integrate with every aspect of ourself And we will be healed.

Source by Jack Shapcott