Drive Auto Products Car Window Shade, Pack of 2

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35% More Material Coverage Than Most Cling Shades! Your search for the best Window Sun Shades for your Car is finally over.

Because by repeated trial and error we’ve optimized an affordable blend of features (which is where the magic happens)…

• We’ve honed in on the ratio of light pass thru for the ideal combination of driving visibility and privacy. You and your passengers can see, but onlookers and sunlight are screened out.
• Two Sided – A subtle appearance with clean lines from the outside, the white side’s high density PVC reflects the sun’s rays. Cool and dark from the inside, the softer black absorbs excess glare and heat, making the drive easier on the eyes.
• Reduce Snow Vision Blindness. Mimics OEM luxury car privacy screens so your car will look great. Open window without knocking them off!
• What’s more important, looking good or functionality? Get both. Watch the dependable suction cups hold when others do not. Or take advantage of the adjustable built-in hooks that secure directly on top of your window. Still not satisfied? Use direct-to-door sticky velcro as a third attachment choice.

The question you may be asking is – why do some shades work so effectively, even where others fail? Well, it’s simple really – We did the research.

– It’s Lightweight, made from among the finest quality material in this segment. We don’t like the risk of a cheap static cling screen – Do you? Perhaps this attention to detail is what separates us from the competitors.
– Fits almost any auto, 99.9% universal and has been working extremely well for a lot of people.
– All we ask is that you give us a shot; if for any reason at all it’s not right for you let us know within 30 days for 100% money back.

Click BUY NOW! Makes a great holiday gift when considering buying 2 or more!

(1-Day Advertised Clearance Sale is Live NOW thru 11:59 PST!) You’re going to absolutely love these premium car window shades from DRIVE Auto Products, especially during this bright winter season. Why? Because they’re simply superior to the competitors and here’s why…
You may have noticed other sunshades made of thin static cling material. Unfortunately, our experience led us to believe that material is not the best for your vehicle being susceptible to fall off glass in cold weather and wrinkle, with a less than luxury appearance.
Instead, we made the conscious decision to put high quality PVC protective blinds on a deluxe roller shade. And we chose a white exterior to reflect sunlight, and black interior to reduce glare. It’s tear resistant and gives you the high-end look we’re all going for. And best of all, it stays connected because we give you 3 attachment options.
Why don’t others use it? Because it costs more to make. And ya, we could have saved money too but instead we set out to achieve a premium automobile side window sunshade without having to break the bank to get it to you.
And it seems like we achieved that based on what our customers are saying because they’re enthusiastically praising this heat reducing privacy screen as one of the best they’ve ever used, even ones they paid more money for in the past. Saying it’s as close as you can get to luxury OEM automotive accessories.