Dollar Tree SOLAR TULIPS Product Review

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I bought some Solar Tulips from The Dollar Tree so I thought I would post a short review of the product in case you were thinking of buying them. Thanks for …



5 thoughts on “Dollar Tree SOLAR TULIPS Product Review

  1. Breakup2Makeup

    I absolutely love these I think they look so whimsical at night take the yellow one back and exchange it, they should let u swap it out, I got these either last year or year before that around this time, I checked my DT after u hauled them and they didn't have them yet but they where getting there load the very next day so I need to go back and check :)I did find almost the exact same thing on my very first trip to family dollar but they where $2 a piece and double in size I decided to wait for these exact ones again because I liked them so much the first time, I wish the kids next door wouldn't of broke mine with there balls 🙁 thanks for review appreciate it 😀 BTW happy early v day 💕✌💋💞💝

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