Do You Need To Build Your Own Wind Turbine?

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Why in the heck should you build your own wind turbine when there are a plethora of ready made ones available that will save you the time and effort? If your final goal is to make electricity out of the wind, why sit around waiting to have enough weekend time available to make the thing yourself?

This is a good question if I do say so myself and one that we need to explore a bit before we jump ahead and start buying.

It is without a doubt that we all should be focusing on how to employ renewable energy production into our lives, like wind and solar. We need to get proactive on this before circumstances force us to.

With the global melt-down in world energy supplies looming, we need to be constantly looking for ways to (legally) get energy for free. With all the natural resources swirling around us everyday in the form of wind and sun, it just makes no sense to ignore them any longer.

Please keep in mind though that building wind turbines ourselves is a way to earn REAL energy independence.

Here are 3 benefits from doing this yourself that you should consider before buying something off the shelf to solve the problem:

1. Cost factor – if you build almost anything at home, it will be cheaper than store-bought

2. Pride of Authorship – when you make a device like this from scratch, the project carries with it a tremendous sense of personal satisfaction

3. Free learning about the how the technology actually works

There is no doubt that buying a windmill from Lowes or Home Depot will get you up and running and making power the quickest. You can be making power within a week that way, given that you already have the installation planned out and you are not having to wait on a tower to be built.

However, the advantage of making a windmill yourself goes far deeper than expediency. By making your own wind turbine you are learning a skill that will be increasingly valuable as time goes on. Come what may in the fossil fuel market, you know you can make power yourself with very little upfront money.

Summarizing – unquestionably, to build your own wind turbine you need to be committed to the project and have a plan to get it completed within a period of time that your schedule will allow. This is one project that will pay off for you years in the future in ways that may be hard to imagine now.

Source by Roger G Brown