Do it Yourself Wind Turbine Building

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In the 20th century people in several countries realized that the pollution of our world is getting serious. Using steam energy, atomic energy or just starting an auto engine pollutes our planet. Earth is in danger but we can give some time to our planet to regenerate! Using wind or sun sun power is just the first step to a cleaner, eco friendly living space to our children.

After several years scientists and inventors found the way to use clean, natural energy. Our Sun is the best power source we have, but the wind and water elements are important too! The most common answers to energy problems are the sun and the wind. These two elements can be found everywhere on Earth and building power plants based on these renewable energy sources is quite easy. Building a wind turbine is the easiest way to produce energy without any cost. If you want to build a turbine for your home, you will need these things: a generator, minimum 3 blades, a mounting (that keeps the wind's direction), a tower to get it into the way of the wind and some electronic things like batteries and control systems. At the start, you will need a DC motor to produce electricity. When you choose a model you must choose a low RPM model which can produce 12 volts with 2-300 RPM's. After you find your motor, you can start the building. You can made blades from an iron barrel or some half cut iron pipe. Just cut a blade from it and lock it symmetrical on the front of the motor. After this, use something thin and massive iron object to mount the structure in the best way of the wind.

Now build the tower to place the motor on the top of it. You can use a massive tree-stump or just weld a massive structure from some iron stick. After you locked the tower on the ground and placed the motor on the top, use the batteries to store the electricity and save the planet for our children!

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Source by Jason Myers