DIY Home Solar Power

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There are many areas in the USA where you can get financial help with the costs of installing solar power for your home. This help takes the form of rebates against the total cost including the purchase of solar panels and their installation. These rebate can be quite generous, covering up to 80% of the cost. Unfortunately these rebates have two prerequisites. Firstly, you have to live in the area covered by the available scheme. Sometimes this is a state wide offer but often this area is quite small, perhaps only part of a city or a specific utility company Secondly, you have to have the solar panels installed professionally. The installation companies may do a fine job, but they are in business to make a profit and the costs of home solar power may be three times higher than if you are willing to roll up your sleeves and install solar panels yourself.

How hard is it to install home solar power?

You will need some basic DIY skills and a few hand tools. Mounting the panels on a roof isn’t ideal for a DIY installation as you will obviously need a ladder and a head for heights. You are also stepping into the realm of building codes and, unless you know what you are doing, may damage the roof. It’s much easier to install panels at ground level against an outside wall or even free standing in the yard. You will need a south or south-west facing wall for solar panels to be effective. Although they will generate a little electricity facing in other directions, they really do need direct sunlight to perform properly.

Although the procedures to install home solar power are not complex, the panels do need to be wired properly and could even constitute a fire risk if they are not properly installed. Make sure you buy, and follow, a decent guide book before you start work and check everything carefully.

DIY Home Solar Power can save you a fortune against professional installation and, if you are not in an area offering rebates, can make it the only affordable option.

Source by Marty Rubenski