Cracking the Myths Behind Snow and Solar Panels

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Solar panels are often thought of having the biggest impact during warm months, but turns out they work just as well in the winter. Check out this video to see just …



8 thoughts on “Cracking the Myths Behind Snow and Solar Panels


    Snow is actually great for the solar panels, because snow reflects light towards them from the ground. The cold weather is has clearer air, when it's super cold. The cold also increases the effeminacy of the solar panels.

    The only issue of snow is the weight, just like on the roof too.

    The main issue is not the snow, but the reduced amount of sunshine in the winter.

  2. travis aska

    What about using a "heat coil" along the outside frame of the solar panel to be automatically activated when the panel senses a certain amount of pressure (snow)?  The "heat coil" just needs to be a thermal wire or coil like used in a hot plate that heats up the outside frame that will then melt off the snow.  Once the panel gets some light, I believe it has better chance of melting the rest of the snow.  Here in Chicago, December was a terrible production month because of snow.

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