Communal Gardens – Perhaps The Perfect Answer For You And Your Community

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A community garden is a great idea for many communities. In agricultural areas, there are often divided segments of land that are assigned or allotted to certain families within the community. Such allotment gardens are not only beneficial to the community as a way of coming together, but there is also an economic element to consider. As a matter of fact, sometimes the allotments of land are so large that there is no social aspect to account for. These kinds of gardens are more common in farming areas in places like Indiana, Texas, Missouri, and so on.

It has been theorized that a community garden is also a way for neighborhoods in general to become safer for its residents. Many community planners hope, when they design a community garden, that the garden will potentially provide something for the children to do to prevent them from getting into trouble. Using the same concept as the DARE dancing or basketball programs, the idea is that there is something to be used as a distraction or deterrent from drugs and other crime in the youth who stay there.

In some places, it is a wild success. However, in other places there are too many problems, or sometimes a lack of interest in the garden – whatever kind of garden it may be. On the other hand, luxurious, elegant and alluring water gardens have been known to accentuate the already wonderful overall appearance of an upper class community. As a matter of fact, it is not uncommon to see elaborate flower gardens, window planters and more in a community, and maintained by that community. In some cases, these gardens are alloted to people interested in gardening and the rest is handled by a professional landscaper.

Community gardens, common gardens and / or allotted garden spaces in communal gardens are not only popular in more rural and agricultural areas. Community gardens can be an amazingly luxurious touch in a high class neighborhood or anything in between. So, if your neighborhood has the space and the interest: a communal garden may be a really great idea – no matter where you live.

Source by Anne Clarke