Classic Game Room – PIER SOLAR and the GREAT ARCHITECTS review for Sega Genesis

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28 thoughts on “Classic Game Room – PIER SOLAR and the GREAT ARCHITECTS review for Sega Genesis

  1. Patches Ahulahan

    They did you one better than a 32x release and put out the HD Dreamcast release and it's well worth it. You can choose this version with this music or the HD remake with beautiful new soundtrack. It's worth it.

  2. Al Robins

    AMAZING game! You can tell it was made with love for both the hardware and the genre. Also amazing how they made it so you can play the game with CD quality music via the Sega CD. WOW! Actually, I would love to see what Watermelon could do on the 32X. Great review for an AMAZING game!

  3. steve arbogast

    I've never been an rpg player, but loved watching my friends play. This game truly impresses me at how much work went into it and it looks absolutely AMAZING for a genesis game. Big props to Watermelon!!!

  4. Loren Helgeson

    Phantasy Star 3 was my very first experience with a Sega Genesis, so it will always hold a special place for me. I feel it's mostly nostalgia, though, because it's far from the best RPG out there. By comparison, I recently played the original Phantasy Star for the first time, and gave up about 15 hours in. Returning to the starting area of the game at one point, I got into a fight with a pack of those floating-eyeball bats, and got my ass handed to me trying to RUN (and failing) for five minutes while the enemies whittled my level 20+ characters (in maxed-out gear) down to zero health.

  5. FunkMastaMegaFlex

    HELL YEAH! 2 this day @ airports, slow dayz @ work, and in between jam sessions in the studio I still break out the awesome NOMAD! This is a true testament, even though producers stopped producing games for the Sega Genesis roughly 18 years ago we still have Sega cartridges gettin made 2day! ROCK ON SEGA!

  6. ElvenRaptor

    Oh my God, am I the only one here who hated this game? It had all the pacing of a snail swimming through tar. I played eight hours of this and felt like I accomplished nothing.

  7. Kain Xander

    lol when you get lost…reminds me of FF3 snes in the world of ruin….DAMN WHERE ARE YOU SHADOW? LOCKE? …Then hunting down the god didn't get to Kefka until lv 90..

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