Charge Controller 10,000 watt 440 AMP 12 volt solar panel wind turbine / Gen 4

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Can divert the charging source from the batteries to the load, or dump both the batteries along with the charging source. You can connect both wind and solar at the same time. Reverse polarity protection Ultra low power consumption even with the volt meter on (almost negligible). You can even set the volt meter to turn off after in-activity. On board relay- Isolates electronics from back voltage spikes from large 440 amp relay. This is important to get the longest life out of the electronics. No body else has this! Multiple user changeable settings, and trip points for many various system requirements and applications- You can change the dump point voltage level, end of dump voltage level, length of time in divert mode when end dump point voltage is reached High amp rating – 440 amps, 10,000 watts surge peak max. Battery Status digital LED – Lets you know your battery’s actual voltage in real time! Green LED come on and then you know it’s in dump mode or cut mode depending on how your relay lugs wired. Plug and Play – Long leads for easy termination to your 12 volt battery or battery bank. Battery regulator for both your wind and solar battery input power. This regulator can either dump extra power creating free hot water or heat or just cut off extra power to keep your batteries from over charging. This unit is a must for wind turbine applications as it uses a mechanical relay which can handle high voltage surges unlike solid state controllers. SHIPS TO THE CONTINENTAL UNITED STATES ONLY!!!!! THIS ITEM DOES NOT SHIP INTERNATIONALLY!!!!!10,000 WATT Rated (Tested to 467 Amps)
Worlds Lowest Cost 440 AMP Wind & Solar Controller
Dual (2) Microprocessor controlled — Extremely stable and very accurate
This High Amp unit can control 12 wind turbines or 40 solar panels!
Only made by Thermodyne, 15 years of great products