CELSIUS Green Tea Peach Mango, 12 Oz. Cans, (Pack of 12), 0 Sugar, No Artificial Sweeteners

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CELSIUS is a Fitness Drink proven to accelerate metabolism & burn body fat. CELSIUS’ proprietary formula includes Green Tea Extract with EGCG, Ginger and Guarana Seed Extract which provide healthy energy, making CELSIUS a refreshing alternative to other caffeinated drinks and the perfect better-for-you pre-workout drink! CELSIUS is Certified Vegan, Kosher and non-GMO. CELSIUS’ Original line is available in seven flavors (5 sparkling and two non-carbonated) in 12oz slim cans. CELSIUS. Live Fit.Fitness Drink available in 7 Flavors
Proven to Accelerate Metabolism & Burn Body Fat
Backed by 6 Published University Studies
No Sugar, No Preservatives
Free of Artificial Colors & Flavors