Can You Live Off the Grid?

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What is living off the grid? Well to put it in simple terms it’s a way to create your own electricity for free by using renewable resources. There are a few different methods of creating your own off grid electricity but we will look at 2 of the most popular ones. Incidentally the term “THE GRID” is commonly referring to the conventional power company, and the poles and power lines that runs along almost every road everywhere you look. Getting back to the different methods, there is “solar power” in which Photovoltaic cells are pointed directly at the sun and the sun is converted into electricity (Energy) due to the reaction of these cells when the suns rays hits them.

One of these cells alone probably wouldn’t do much at all of anything but when they are grouped together in larger numbers Photovoltaic cells can be very effective in creating large amounts of energy. When these cells are grouped together they are generally done so in a well known fashion most commonly known as “solar panels”. Solar panels have been around since the mid to upper 40’s and are not new technology but are becoming more of a favorite as time goes on as well as being an excellent candidate for our environmental issues that being a way to find a suitable clean energy source.

The next method is wind generators in which the wind spins wind turbines or windmills which have generators mounted in the heads of them just behind the propellers. As the props spin the generators put out a charge, kind of like how an automobile alternator works. The principal is the very same except on a car the crankshaft supplies the power via a v-belt or serpentine belt. The wind obviously supplies the power to the props which activates the generator with the wind generator system. As mentioned these systems are very efficient in producing clean non-polluting energy and best of all they are both free to operate.

There is one family in particular who has been living off the grid for better than 15 years successfully and they have even become somewhat of an authority on the subject.  When a system incorporates the use of both of these methods simultaneously the name is called a hybrid system and as stated is the most popular at this time of all other residential systems available for producing your own power and living off the grid successfully.

These types of systems are favored mostly due to their simplicity of implementation, they are easy to install, their versatility, it’s generally easy to adapt the system to any home pretty much where ever you wish to install them, most builds are on the roof tops free from obstructions for maximum air flow, they are very cost effective, at least the DIY systems are, and won’t break the bank, they are a clean energy source, nothing to burn or change chemically and that goes to be environmentally friendly, plus there are some tremendous benefits that I’ll go into in the next paragraph that many people aren’t even aware of.

Many people are unaware of the many benefits that can be associated with owning a wind generator system or more appropriately, having an environmentally friendly energy source to supply power in their homes. The first one is tax credits from the government, although it may vary from state to state, there still may be one in your state you’ll have to investigate it before you buy a system. Then there is the tremendous savings! Should the wind and sun in your area be enough to warrant installing a system such as this, the savings can be just unbelievable, an average system set up properly in the right areas can save home owners 50-90% on a single power bill! Some successes have reported complete elimination of their power bills.

That is incredible when you think about an energy source that has been around, just sitting here under our very noses for decades and we need a crisis to bring it to the forefront, and even then some still don’t see it.  There is also the benefit of increased property values. A lot of these homes with a system capable of saving so much money have increased in value by a couple of thousand dollars or so as a result of such an installation.

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