Can DIY Solar Panels Solve Puerto Rico’s Power Crisis?

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This week marks five months since Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico, plunging the island into the worst blackout in American history. Chris recently went to the …



45 thoughts on “Can DIY Solar Panels Solve Puerto Rico’s Power Crisis?

  1. Chris James

    Javier has installed solar generators in over 40 homes thanks to viewer donations, and he’s continuing his mission to help every day. Thanks for watching and please consider visiting Puerto Rico- it’s truly an incredible place!

  2. Pri deJesus

    Hello all, my name is Priscilla, my email is to relocate but need work to sustain myself while there…please pass on my email to all who come across decent pay leads to relocate. Although regardless I know I would be taking a huge pay cut. I have in mind to move back to PR after the Hurrican and many think I’m crazy. I still want to move. I’m looking for anyone who may have any leads on work with renewable energy companies or anything with nature…even installing the solar panels, I’m sure I could learn to do this…

  3. Raul Cruz

    Beautiful but still not addressing the source of the problem. How can anybody solve any problems with a disguised embargo as the Jones Act. Everything else is a band aid

  4. Cesar Gonzalez

    How can a call you? I am going to Puerto Rico in June and July and will bring over 300 American with us. We will be repairing roofs, giving out solarpuff lamps and Uzima Water Filters. I need to talk with you to find out more about this DIY solar tech.

  5. David Bottman

    The reason why in salinas the day before it caught fire was beacuse all the power plants where on max capacity creating vapor this in turn, made massive plumes of clouds attracting Maria with more fierce power ,the weather satellites are available for your viewing

    where the plums are massive on the coast of puerto rico thats where the power thermal electric stations are located this was no accident , this storm was helped to become stronger and to come closer to the island , there is a 72 billon dollar debt and they want either there money or the whole island back.

  6. TRY to HELP you

    Great coverage.. we keep a box of candles in the house…. has anyone sent in candles for the interim? Hmm is where i would insert a pair of words that resemble “idea” but it seems….. inappropriate… dang, i feel for the population Puerto Rico 🙁

  7. Jagueyes1 look it up and ignore the warnings that come up before going into the site. "Someone" doesn't want this information to be widely known. Absolutely amazing! PR could become the world's showcase of renewable energy if the data provided in this treasure trove of information was implemented .

  8. Kiyarose3999

    so many appliances are thrown away every day that can generate electricity, such as washing machines, food processors, fans, microwaves. in fact ANY electrical item that has a moving part has a motor that generate energy, oh yeh electric lawmowers!!!! these motors can be used to make wind or Hydro energy generators

  9. tainopr777

    People in Puerto Rico need to get educated on solar power! My family still think it’s extremely expensive so they rather spend money on a generator n gasoline that’s more expensive!

  10. Doug Grinbergs

    Thanks to all doing the important work! (:-) Alas, so very ashamed of the pathetic federal government response. (:-( #MoronpResident paper towel incident was reprehensible, as was Whitefish corruption and food delivery contract debacles, then followed by disaster capitalist/privatization/profiteer invasion. (:-( May the force be with you. Peace.

  11. Throwback

    Perhaps Beme News can do a follow up story about why Puerto Rico's electrical power grid restoration has not been completed. After working over forty years in the power industry, I was amazed to see Whitefish Power removed from their repair efforts and replaced by, well basically nothing. The shots I saw on the news showed crews repairing the high voltage transmission lines to get the system backbone, so to speak, up and working before moving on to the distribution lines. Then amid what looked like a politically based outcry about Whitefish Power's contract and small company size grew into a media feeding frenzy which ultimately halted what looked to be competent and growing repair activity. For reasons I know nothing about, Puerto Rico's power company/agency was suffering from financial difficulties and was not part of a mutual aid agreement with other utilities as is normally the case. These agreements provide quick, competent assistance when emergencies strike and are essential to fast power restoration. Absent these agreements, Puerto Rico was lucky to have any electrical contracting company take the risk of quickly moving in and beginning repairs without the normal financial guarantees. Then, while Whitefish was on site and bringing in more resources, the political and media storm took away what looks now to be Puerto Rico's one chance of timely power restoration. Beme News' fresh and honest reporting would be the perfect platform for a comprehensive look at what happened then and what has happened since with Puerto Rico's power system restoration.

  12. Valentine Boren

    If you're like most people I bet you’ve heard the cost of your power bills are going up and there's really nothing you can do about it…
    Or you've heard making your own power at home is hard or expensive…
    Link for solution:
    Both of these lies couldn't be further from the truth because producing your own power at home is easy and dirt cheap!
    You just need proper step-by-step instructions…

  13. mark 2000s

    They need to kick out the Americans and become independent nation. AS they clearly not helping maybe they will be much better off on there own. Tea party?? (I mean in the Boston sense not that crazy libertarian party)

  14. Jon Bacha

    We need 20 Javier’s to train 200 to put rooftop solar in these unpowered villages. I volunteer with grid alternatives , we do this training in the poorest of neighborhoods in LA . We have warehouses of unused solar panels siting in port of Long Beach, we just need a ship to take them to Puerto Rico.

  15. Zack Mullaly

    Dude this reminds me of how VICE does all this obnoxious acting and exposition. Just film the people actually doing the thing. I don't need a dialogue about how they're going to install a power generator. I want to see them install the gd power generator!!11
    In all seriousness, I love you guys.

  16. darkwoodmovies

    I hate that Congress refuses the make PR a state. It would be a small investment at first, but the return would be well worth it. It's really sad that a part of the USA is basically a 3rd world country.

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