California To Require Solar Panels On Most New Homes, Tesla Powerwall at Home Depot

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There’s no question that solar power is entering the mainstream, but California is about to give it a giant boost. The state’s Energy Commission is expected to …



49 thoughts on “California To Require Solar Panels On Most New Homes, Tesla Powerwall at Home Depot

  1. John Hall

    This is another example of California's slobbering myopic love affair with anything "green" no matter the economics. They believe they're leading the nation. And they are; it's just that they're leading down a rat hole.

  2. Jim Wilkinson

    ELON also has Solar Tiles that look just like varied Shingles to incude Terra Cotta Tiles, to go along with the Power Wall.
    So ditch the Picture of the Cheap Chinese Solar Panels on the Roof. Solar Roof Shingles are in Vogue, not made in China
    with Import Tariffs. and if you can afford to live off of the Streets in California, you can afford a Power Wall and Solar Shingles that cost
    the same as a Typical Re-Roof. Now if you own a Condo, it's time to begin raising the already outlandish Rent. Ouch !

  3. Amachetay Cybo

    solar will always make energy u can even get a tiny ass amount at night. but u dont like solar then just use freaking oh yea zero point the eearth electromagnetic energy field higher dimensional energy antenna!
    haha sounds awesome though!

  4. Alto's Music Lab

    California = SMART leading the world in lots of ways… yep get your solar at low low home interest rates, not paying more, plus you get HUGE discount, the builder isn't buying just ONE you know. Prices should go down to the floor like Pot in Portland! just make more, hope Tesla gets a big gov't deal, that Elon is great!

  5. J Donovan

    Everyday wake up and spread your cheeks!! Take your morning dump on a liberal. California is the worst state to do business in; and its government overreach like this.

    So? Crap a big one on them everday

  6. GarbageDanks

    Don't worry folks I'm from Minneapolis. We here are smart enough to not have these so I expect every single one of you to respect and understand my opion lol. I heard after something like 49 or 697 years you'll aquire almost half your money back. So by the time your children die the electric company will have fucked you and your family willinly. So in my opinion stick with your local power company as they are the cheapest… Lol

  7. Frank L

    Its not as cheap as some would have you believe.  Between huge batteries that have to be replaced there is also a huge inverter that has to be maintained and repaired when it has problems and true sine wave inverter’s ain’t cheap.

    Unless money is no problem, I don’t see solar in the mainstream anytime soon.  Has anyone heard of Solyndra?

  8. jeabo0adhd

    Solar technology is not practical for the average homeowner. It costs almost as much as the house, is only 20% efficient, and completely degrades in a few decades. Solar for utilities may work depending on the location but only the rich can afford these new solar homes. As usual, Democrats think money grows on trees and anything "green" is infallible.

  9. 7 wings as Eagles

    The reason why they make all this stuff in China is because to make it the chemicals are environmentally hazardous so they just dump it in the ground in China and don't worry about it. But the EPA in America won't allow them to do that and also our policy regarding Rare Earth is another major problem United States cannot mine Rare Earth because of the thorium issue. Homes in California already too expensive so they're going to have even fewer homes built. Because the only way the solar will actually work and I am going to explain this on the grid is if the power made in one day is stored and then the utility company is notified how much power is going to be released on the electrical grid the next day. The vast majority of people who are touting solar have no idea how the electrical grid work they fail to understand there are three forms of generation of electric let alone the complexity that goes into delivering this power reliably. Basically when solar is dumped on the grid it's simply means the electric companies run their power plants at idle to ensure there is power in case of an interruption. The experts state that to integrate Renewables into our electric grid will cost over 10 trillion dollars. Because of the complexity of integration. Talking about wind here's another example most people do not know or even understand there's a thing called harmonics which all turbines generate. Wind produce harmonics worse than any other generation process without a isolation circuit like a AC to DC converter back to AC the harmonics can be detrimental to generating facilities because of the harmonics match the resident frequency of turbine they can destroy a large generating facility within a matter of minutes. This is already happened in the past. Every wind turbine create a unique resident frequency no two are exactly alike so a wind farm can produce very unique harmonics.

  10. Willie Jenkins

    Commiefornia is just raising the prices even higher on the people who need affordable homes.

    You have to be a special kind of libtard to not realize scumbag democratic politicians are hurting the very people they claim to want to help.

  11. tmarie

    they already have tesla salesman at home depot. They will approach you with a clipboard and all kind of solar panel flyers. They offered me a free consultation and also told me that the coal mines will be out of business within the next few years

  12. Bri Bri

    Eventually they will not be able to keep spraying.. 5-8-2018 uber announced it is also launching its uber air taxi in 2020.. what else is happening that year… and today everyone in western washington state woke up to small plains dusting for Gypsy moths..One news report boasted that at one location they found none dead, but at another location they found 87!!! yes a whole 87 moths.. wow

  13. AngelMyst

    Boy that sure going to take a lot of money.I wonder if a EMP would take it out . Hail Storm rainy Days .No not many of then but there sure are a lot of rich singers and actors they have the money….weeds out the poor.

  14. Michael Duffalo

    Wow 333 comments! I'll make it 334, HA!
    Anyway I wanna say that by now we should all be able to see Their agenda and its motives to Corral Truth while offering Independence! But, If by now you don't see that which has become so blatant that it is forcing us all to plug in to a Beast System, ( inevitable 5G surveillance) or the Hive Mind Matrix so "They" can in Real Time utilize the Quantum Field to predict the future with the Huge amounts of Data that they are/will be collecting through "Their" so called Smart Grid to have total control of the direction of
    And all for "Their" Cause, Their Society, Their Benefit !!
    If this doesn't scare the Hell out of you then I would say that you are exactly the reason (from my "humane life loving" point of view) that this whole Anti-Human Agenda is moving forward faster than at any other time. We are letting them Create a demand for the very things that are God Given that we already have access to which they are converting into a commodity in order to HighJack Our Revelation of what's been going on, and Most importantly to remain in CONTROL. These people are Sick. No amount of Money, Blood, Tears or Control will satisfy what they're need to feel Superior!
    I ask you, "Will We The People" have access to the predictions and knowledge gained from the D Wave Quantum Computing Tech.?? Would You even want to???
    I'll leave it up to you to decide whether this is Good or Bad, Righteous or Evil, Or whether it is Promoting Life and Freedom or Undermining It? Remember the Real Truth does not require excuses, because
    It is.

  15. wnc817

    Companies can avoid the tariffs by Manufacturing in the US. The only difference is that they will manufacture them here and hire Americans.

  16. huisheks zuijdam

    whose hometown is also free of chemtrails? Just curious, cause we have had 3 days now without chemtrails and its really weird. (we are getting so used to them , that we notice if they arent there)

  17. Harru Kuehn

    Americans as a rule don't like change. They dragged their feet on car safety standards. It took acid rain to regulate smoke stack emissions. Rivers on fire to clean-up the lakes and rivers which many aquifers are still polluted with lead and other contaminants. Nuclear power plants that every bit as old as Fukashima. So when pray tell would Americans on a large scale embrace green tech without a government fiat hanging over their heads.

  18. John W

    What better way to depopulate California of the working class. All they're going to be left with is the slaves they can sneak across the border and the superrich. The slaves can afford to build new houses. Any time you hear the word green look out. It is nothing more than the New World order trying to push their lies on suckers. Remember agenda 21 to depopulate the earth? And the convenient fires. The people should start waking up and quit voting criminals into office like Moonbeam.

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