Calculating the KWH Your Solar Panels Produce

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This is an overview on how to understand how much energy your solar system will produce. For the whole article and more info visit: …



16 thoughts on “Calculating the KWH Your Solar Panels Produce

  1. Rakesh Srivastava

    Sir how to you calculat the fig. 250 watt solar panel if it is base of logic or any calculation.?if you have any calculation behind actual watt of solar send me.mostely solar instructor have it's own fix spv rate to use calculation .but a solar bignigener can not find actual watt of spv to make his own provide if any calculation to find actual watt of spv.

  2. 36Philo

    A great video but (correct me if I'm wrong) when calculating how much you could save on the electricity bill shouldn't you be using the AC Wh rather than the DC Wh (where 20% is lost)?

  3. Derek Rees

    No, it's kW & kWh not KW & KWh. The 'k' is short for kilo meaning times 1000. The unit is named after James Watt (he who watched steam kettles) so the initial is capitalised. The hour is just' h'.
    If you look at the suggested videos on the YouTube page you will note that many people make the similar errors

  4. Passed High School Physics

    This doesn't work in California with the new rate plans. Depending on when the panels produce the electricity the power company will give you 4 kw for every 1 kw you give them. None of the solar companies solar calculators factor this in and they are all selling you systems that are much larger than what you need.

  5. Alan Seideman

    Seems like you skipped the part where you calculate how many Watts the solar panel will produce in 5 hours per day. Instead you divided 7500 by 250 giving you 30 panels. But if each panel runs for 5 hours don't you actually need 7500 / (5×250) = 6. Or am i missing something? thanks

  6. dMb

    "hours of sun"? Really?

    The map you show is irradiance, in kWh/m^2, or the average intensity of sunlight. There is no "hours of sun.""

  7. Dominique ___

    BRILLIANT video. I took your steps, one by one, and put them into a spreadsheet I created with all my monthly electricity bills for the last 5 years. I just added some formulas to the appropriate cells, and voila.. I know how many panels I need, and how much I'd save. THANKS!!

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