Building a Pond – Benefits of Pond Aeration Systems

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If you are building a pond, especially for koi fish, it is absolutely critical to consider water quality management. Creating a well aerated environment for your fish will help them live a long and healthy life. This article to help you understand the benefits and importance of pond aeration systems.

Building a Pond — Top Benefits of Pond Aeration Systems

  1. Creates a healthy environment for your koi fish
  2. Reduces the number of mosquitos and other pests
  3. Reduces the murkiness and smell
  4. Windmill aeration is a “green” pond aeration alternative

What happens when you don’t have a pond aeration system?

A container of water left undisturbed will quickly become stagnant and cloudy. This is easily demonstrated when pools of water are allowed to sit during the summer months. Mosquitoes and other pests will find the stale water a nice breeding environment and it will eventually get murky and smell. If the water is aerated, the smell and cloudiness will quickly clear. This is due to the increased presence of oxygen, which oxidizes organics and provides a more desirable environment for fish.

What kinds of pond aeration systems are there?

Pond aeration systems in backyard fish and koi ponds range from waterfalls to fountains and filtration systems. The water movement also helps reduce stratification that may occur as the summer months become warm with little air movement. All of the previously mentioned systems work very well. The only drawback is the electrical requirements and monthly operation and maintenance costs.

Another “green” aeration alternative is wind-powered aeration. These systems are quiet and attractive. They also can look very cool in any backyard pond. A new system by Aire-Dynamics, which can be found their our website, is easy to install and blends in with even the most contemporary backyard pondscape. Up to 1.5 cubic feet of air per minute can be delivered all year long with no surprising utility charges at the end of the month. And pressures can reach 20 psi, so the diffuser placement is suitable for most backyard depths.

Wind-powered pond aerators can be used in any climate. This is very important for backyard fish and koi ponds in northern geographies. Adding air to the water keeps small areas of the surface ice-free and reduces noxious gases.

In Conclusion

So, if you are building a pond, don’t forget to incorporate a reliable, efficient and attractive aeration system. An properly aerated water habitat will be clear, clean and maintain healthy fish.

If you building a pond and are interested learning more about simple and cost effective pond aeration systems, you should take a look at Aire-Dynamics.

Source by Jose A Fischer