Build Your Own Wind Turbine – Components You Need For a DIY Wind Generator

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If you have every thought about building your own wind turbine, you may be interested in what such a device is made of and some of the main requirements that need to be true so that such a project viable. This article will explain these details and help you get your DIY project on the go.

Utilizing the wind is a good way to take advantage of energy that is essentially abundant. Kinetic energy can be converted via a machine like a wind turbine into electrical energy and stored in a battery or converted to be used in the home. The main advantage of doing this is that the wind is free to use and there before you can save money on energy bills. It is also an environmentally friendly way to create energy than traditional methods that rely on coal or oil.

In order for a wind generator project to be viable you need to experience an average wind speed of around 15 mph. You also need a bit of space in your yard that is clear of any obstructions like trees or other buildings. Try to plan for any future developments too. Putting a wind turbine on the roof of your home is not really a good idea because it will be limited in capacity.

A simple wind turbine will consist of a rotor that in itself is made up of blades and a hub. They are connected to a tower that positions the rotor in the wind. The rotor assembly will have some tail mechanism that allows the blades to turn into the wind.

The hub connects to a motor that is turned by the mechanical energy of the blades. The motor generates electricity that can be stored in batteries or used in the home.

Depending on where you source the parts for your wind turbine and the dimensions you can generate around 500 – 1000 watts of power in optimum wind for under $ 200.

Source by Denzil De Vries