Brunton Solaris 62 Foldable Solar Array

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Convert sunshine into 12V DC power using durable, flexible, high performance CIGS (Copper Indium Gallium diSelenide) thin film solar cells. The unit folds for easy storage, and multiple units can be linked together for additional power. Solaris panels are voltage-regulated to protect devices during use and include a multi-cable adapter and 12V DC adapter. The rugged Cordura® nylon case protects your solar panels from damage, and a built-in pocket holds all cables. Max. Output: 62 watts of 12V DC power. Dimensions: 50″L x 31.5″W (Flat).Convert Sunshine into 12V DC Power
Folds For Easy Storage
Multiple Units Can Be Linked Together For Additional Power
Voltage Regulated to Protect Devices
Rugged Codura Nylon Case Protects Unit