Britta Products Continuous or Flashing Solar Warning Light, 360-Degree, LED

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This heavy duty, waterproof and weatherproof solar warning light is designed for rugged use. It’s top mounted solar panel and internal battery charge daily from sunlight. It’s eight (8) internal LED lights turn on automatically each dusk and provide a bright white light in 360 degrees. Select either Continuous-on, Slow flash (15 flashes per minute) or Fast flash (60 flashes per minute) using the underside mounted push button. (For operation, turn the on-off switch to on to permit charging and operation). Expect up 8 to 12 hours of operation, depending on the amount of direct sunlight received. Available in Red LED and Green LED versions also (see other listings).Solar re-charging automatic dock lighting provides 360 degrees of lighting; Ideal for identifying docks, navigation aides or obstructions at night
Turns on automatically at dusk; Three modes – continuous, 1 second flash or 5 second flash
Heavy duty clear ABS plastic case – fully waterproof and weatherproof
Surface Mount Style – Heavy duty mounting flanges for secure installation
A bright fully automatic re-chargeable navigation and dock identification light