Bringing Sea Water Inland to Desalinate; Possible?

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There have been many schemes to help our fresh water supplies. Some of them are controversial, some are costly and some are strategies requiring huge infrastructure to be built. Currently in many places we are now allowing treated sewer water to flow into underground aquifers for recharging. Later this water will be taken out re-filtered and used or pumped out for agriculture. But does this really make sense?

Well I see some problems with the underground aquifer thing for several reasons. Here is something interesting to consider as well, a thought I had the other night after reviewing the e.Coli California Salinas Valley Spinach Issues;

Others have considered brining in salt water inland to desalinate there. Why? Well the property near the coast is simply too expensive to build the plants and it would be cheaper to build huge canals way inland with bottom liners or in giant pipelines. Hey even the Salmon might like that right? And by the way if you are going to bring in Salt Water, then I want to float inland barges on that water too.

These are indeed issues we need to look at and consider when discussing our fresh water issues in the United States. We will need to be concerned with water issues in the future as we are already facing years of crisis and lack of water supplies. It will only get worse with increased population densities. Please consider all this in 2006.

Source by Lance Winslow