BLACKOUT RELIEF POWER SOURCE for DC 12V RV-Marine type bulbs – will POWER up to 12 5w DC bulbs. Good for camping or power outages. Portable Solar Powered Rechargeable Pack 5 amp max

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Keep the lights on when the power goes out with the LaZer VoLT 12 VDC Blackout Relief Power Source. At the heart of the unit is an internal lead acid 12 VDC, 14 amp-hour SMF (Sealed Maintenance-Free) battery that can be charged from 110 VAC house current, 12 VDC car/vehicle/RV battery, or from compatible solar panels. Multiple output ports is what makes this portable power solution stand out. At the forefront is a standard US wall outlet – but outputs 12 VDC direct current. When the lights go out, simply plug any household lamp or fixture into the outlet, replace the regular light bulb with the included 12 VDC RV bulb and enjoy light as normal. Since any 12 VDC RV bulb with an Edison base will work, and they are low-draw, you can plug in an outlet extender and light multiple fixtures to have multiple lamps and fixtures lit. LaZer VoLT includes a bulb and a socket to get you started out of the box, and you can pick more RV bulbs as needed later. Since the output of the unit is 12V direct current, you can only use 12 VDC light bulbs, even though they are plugged into conventional lamps. Beyond this output, there are two standard USB ports for small electronics and a conventional 12 VDC car/vehicle socket to power auto accessories. To help set up your lights when the power goes out is a 5-LED spotlight on the front, and alternating flashing yellow LEDs signal for assistance in emergencies. The whole unit is fused for safety, and has multiple indicators that provide feedback about the current state of the system. To avoid shock hazard while camping in moist weather, it is not a conventional power inverter and all power outputs are 12V direct current only. To use small household appliances or standard AC low watt light bulbs attach a power inverter to the 12v cigarette outlet as you would do in your car.MAIN FEATURE! PLUG YOUR LAMPS RIGHT INTO THE BOX! 12V DC 3-prong US Wall Outlet for easy connect to household lamps after being replaced with 12V bulbs – Power your CPAP Machine (extra battery recommended, cables included) .
Lead Acid 12 VDC SMF Battery (Sealed Maintenance-Free) Not a lithium battery – No shipping hazards!
Recharge power box from AC 110V – 12V DC (special cable with battery clips included to extend power from external battery) – and from any 60 (60 recommended) watt Solar Panel
Two Standard 5V USB Ports for your cell phones and tablets – 12V car type outlet to power 12V appliances and to power Laptop (needs universal 12V laptop charger)
Use 12V DC RV Bulbs in Household Fixtures • Powerful Spotlight for immediate light when needed, works 63 hours on one charge and over a WEEK with external car battery connected to system (special cable included)