Black Solar BrightFlyer Brochure Box Brochure Holder Flyer Box Black BrightFlyer Outdoor “Realtor Style” Realtor Supplies light up Info Box Real Estate Marketing

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EZ See- Lights up at night EZ Card Message Feature Eliminates the empty brochure box problem. Users can now print a customized message for each new listing conveying critical information such as price, square footage, and contact numbers by using a standard size businesscard paper. EZ Pull Large access area enables brochures to be easily withdrawn. EZ Mount Multiple mount convenience. You do not need to remove front panel to access mounting holes. BrightFlyer is the only box in the market with strap holes so you can use standard cable ties to mount the box to just about anything. EZ Dry THE BrightFlyer has a sprinkler guard to prevent water from shooting upwards into the box. The box has also a ridged bottom with small drainage holes on the bottom to remove moisture and ensure the interior of the box is always dry.Black Solar BrightFlyer Brochure Box- Lid Autocloses
Holdes 150 Flyers-Easy Pull
Business Card hoder
Best Design Award-5 New features
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