Bird Repellent wind twisting scare rods reflective blinder rods (SET OF 6) (12″)

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tired of the hassle of bird and pest control try these scare rods by simply hanging these rods up outside your property, on the porch or near pool, outside the back door in the garden, hanging up around your farm or small crop formation. Reflecting mirrored plastic material bounces sunlight at birds and other pests, effectively repelling them away from any unwanted areas and ensures no harm to any animals that wander near. These rods can also help make your home more beautiful by making twisting motions in the air when the breezes hits the rodsSET: 6 pack bird scare rods 12″ and strong string loops to hang anywhere
POWERFUL: against keeping unwanted birds from any area
BEAUTIFUL: rods spins in breeze creating a beautiful look
ENVIRONMENT-FRIENDLY: contains no chemicals that harmful to birds