Bird Blinder Bird Repellent Diverter Discs – Pest Deterrent (Set of 6)

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Bird Blinder Bird Repellent Disks repel all sorts of birds and pests such as woodpeckers, robins, geese, squirrels, and more. The shiny reflective surface causes bright reflections that scare birds away.

Discs can be hung in a variety of places. Trees, playsets, poles, gutters, siding, and any place where pests are a problem.

Attach Bird Blinder Bird Repellent Discs with nails, string, twine, or on tree branches. 2-3 Discs are recommended in each area to maximize reflectionsProtect your cedar siding from woodpeckers! Save your crops and garden! No more mess on your vehicles!
Reflective eye pattern scares away all species of birds and pests
Swiveling hook attachment combined with rear wing causes the discs to spin in the wind creating bright flashes of light alerting birds of danger in the area
Ideal for hanging from siding, gutters, fences, docks, garden stakes, and any area where birds and pests are not wanted
6 Repellent discs in each package