Best Solar Inverters Review

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34 thoughts on “Best Solar Inverters Review

  1. max webster

    A HUGE problem with Fronius Primo string inverters is that they draw from the grid when it's dark or the panels are covered in snow. I get a bill for $34.66 for delivery of 1kWh of juice to run an amber LED to say "it's dark out" that is worth $0.066 off peak b/c they can't solder in a battery EVERY MONTH! I pay $34.66 + $11 and then get the same f'n service charge when I buy my own power back (they got me both ways) through a fit contract. The installer told me to flip the breaker on/ off every day but if that smart meter moves 1kWh in a billing cycle I get screwed $35! This is CRIMINAL!

  2. Miru Mir

    Enough already to indulge in this Chinese gathered by the Chinese for a divorce. I bought a European-made PWM inverter and is as happy as an elephant. Here ordered: http: // It's better to take Europe by PWM !. Of course, the main thing is not to take those made in China. PWM inverter works like a watch and power even higher than the claimed 1000 watts.

  3. Phizicks

    Have a Trio 7.5KW ABB/Aurora inverter.. it used to be Italian made, now made in china. just as I bought it 2 years ago, it's blown up twice already.. this is now third year and I'll be surprised if it doesn't do it again. go SMA. I only got Aurora because it had 10 year warranty whereas SMA had only 5 years.

    Also, wanted to ask ABB about battery storage and they shrugged me off immediately to contact a distributer/installer, which, my installer doesn't seem to exist anymore, yay for Australian dodgy brothers..

  4. Patrick Vries de

    I am an installer in The Netherlands. I have had poor service from ABB en also from SMA (om spite of hight prices!!).
    Goodwe has the best service here because it is on-site from Goodwe and they fix everything if needed.

  5. Jason Svarc

    UPDATE: The dynamic solar industry has seen many changes since the release of this video so here is a quick update. Bosch has left the solar scene altogether for unknown reasons. SMA is still one of the leading manufacturers but in the last year Fronius and SolarEdge have made huge moves into the booming Australian solar market. Fronius with the clever snap in inverter design and SolarEdge with module level monitoring and Tesla powerwall compatibility. Full update coming.

  6. The Brazil Guide

    Nice video Marty, thanks for the info. My personal opinion is the SolarEdge power optimizers coupled with with new HD wave but guess they were not available when you made the video.

  7. colin jones

    We had a 10kw system fitted 3 years ago and has 2 Growatt sungold 5000 inverters. 1 inverter had to be replaced 2 years ago the other one was replaced this year and now has to be replaced again. I'm afraid I don't think Growatt have a well proven inverter. In Australia it takes over a month to get them replaced but they are still in warranty. Can the inverter be changed to a more reliable unit without changing the whole system.

  8. Peter Alex

    ABB inverters are made in china since ABB bought out PowerOne.
    Bosch and Schneider are made in China as well,
    European companies though all made in China!!

  9. Graham Sanders

    No, I don't sell SUNGROW Inverters nor work for them. In fact I don't  even work in the solar industry. What gets my goat up in the solar game is how quickly companies in Australia are quick to rubbish ALL Chinese inverters. And while most are rubbish, the Chinese do make great quality products when people specify that. Sungrow fits that bill. When a company has been around as long as they have, and make a product that outsells SMA in Asia, and is No 2 in the world, you wonder why review like this don't include such a big player. What I see is companies pushing the products they have excusive deals with. Lets look at the economics of say a SMA and Sungrow. In the 25 year life of you solar you will be replacing your inverter (yes even the SMA). It is actually cheaper to say, go thru 3 Sungrow inverters than going thru 2 SMA inverter based of warranty life expectancy. FAR CHEAPER. Why companies don't tell customers that I don't know.Enough rant. My only connection is I worked out for my 4 year old system was it was far more sensible and economical to go Sungrow inverter over a SMA. That's my only linkJust a very happy customer that I did.

  10. Graham Sanders

    That's a poor review.Fancy missing the best value inverter on the market, and one of the biggest inverter manufacturer in the world.SUNGROW inverters fit in between premium and value market. They have an office in Australia, offer excellent after sales service. They have been in the game for 25 years and are proven for the long term.this review needs updating

  11. Bobby's Solar Homestead

    The SMA Sunny Boy 240 micro is the best micro made. With the Gateway being in a cool dry place. It will make more power hands down than all the rest. Also there is free for life monitoring software.

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