Best Electronic Plug In Pest Repeller – Forces Away Mice, Ants, Rodents, Spiders, Insects, Mouse & Cockroaches – Ultrasonic Repellent Device For Indoor Home & Apartment

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You’re About To Experience The Simplest, Fastest & EASIEST Way To End Pest Infestation In Your Home!

For Quickest Results – Use 1 Device Per Room:

Each device covers 2,000 square foot (unobstructed). But since each room in homes have walls (obviously!) – we recommend using 1 device per room for maximum effectiveness. Remember to see our “Special Offers & Promotions” section above to take advantage of our limited-time discounted deals!

Why This Is The BEST Pest Repeller On Amazon:

Our pest repellent device can actually be adjusted to a HIGH or LOW ultrasonic frequency (as you see fit). Since every human’s hearing is different, you can be sure that these units won’t bother you! Plus, it covers significantly more area than any other pest control device. It just works.

Guaranteed Results Or Your Money Back!

Even though most customers see results in just 3-5 days, if after 21 days of constant use you havn’t eliminated all pests from your home, contact our client-care team and prepare to be amazed by the phonominal customer service experience & help you’ll receive. We’re a small family based business and are 100% commited to your success.

Note from the manufacturer: Unfortunately, keeping our stock in is difficult as word continues to spread about the quality and value of our product. If you see the green “In Stock” above, place your order before they’re gone.

Put us to the test today by now ordering. With our 120-day defected-unit replacement warranty, along with our “no questions asked” money back guarantee – your purchase today is 100% risk free.

IMAGINE THIS SCENARIO: There’s a fire alarm right beside your ear. Its loud. Its irritating. And with every passing second, the sound gets louder & louder. The walls around you are now shaking. This is exactly how rodents, ants, spiders, rats, cockroaches & mice are about to feel in your home – before they run away screaming for help, after you plug in the Pest Revolter. Our pest repellent does *NOT* work against racoons, gophers & bed bugs.
SECRET TO EXPERIENCING THE FASTEST RESULTS: Each Pest Revolter device covers up to 2,000 square feet – sound doesn’t pass through solid objects like walls and/or furniture. That’s why most customers order 1 unit for each room in your home / apartment.
DON’T PUT YOUR FAMILY’S HEALTH AT RISK by using rat traps, poisons, sprays or even hiring pest control companies. Did you know? When rats/mice die, they excrete an invisible fluid on the surface. Because pests carry over 35+ harmful diseases – if you (or your loved ones) come in contact with this surface, you and your family could have a fatal risk of diseases such as leptospirosis – which can even result in liver and kidney damage.
HERE’S THE INSIDER TRUTH THEY’RE NOT TELLING YOU: Unlike 90+ percent of electronic pest control devices, a REAL pest repellent is NOT 100% inaudible – anyone who promises otherwise is LYING to you. After plugging it in, if you hear a (very) slight squeaking sound – it means the device is ACTUALLY working. Pests are 10X more sensitive than us humans – so if you can hear a slight noise, know that its amplified for the pest. But don’t worry – this noise will only drive the pests crazy (not you!).
OVER 150+ SATISFIED CUSTOMERS are saying, “I was hearing something scratching in the attic and in the walls. I bought 2 of these units, and used one on each end of my ranch -style house. Within few hours, there was silence. It’s been 3 days now & I have not heard any more activity.” – Carol M., “We purchased this pest repeller & within a few days all mice signs were gone. This was very quiet & not detectable to human hearing. This repeller was not noticed by the pets in our house either.” Dee B.