Beautiful Winged Horses Wind Chime, Powerful Feng Shui Element or Ornamental Wind Bell!

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In the East, horses are a Feng Shui symbol of power, rapid success and overcoming competition. In the West the majestic horse is a powerful symbol of beauty and freedom. This beautiful wind chime features carved wooden beads and 8 brass tubes that produce a lovely, clear tone. Dancing around these are 5 winged horses who add to the joyous sound as they frolic on the breeze. Each chime is hand-inspected and carefully packed before shipping as we are as passionate about customer satisfaction as we are about our wonderful wind chimes! Along with your new wind chime soars a brass charm that will charm you at first sight!A beautiful tone is produced by the 8 delicate brass tubes that when combined with the addition of the brass winged horses, a unique “twinkle” sound is produced that you will be able to identify over other chimes you may have.
Wherever your philosophies lie, the unique sound and strong attraction of these magnificent beasts will captivate you and your friends from the moment it is hung. Indoors, outdoors, around the home or office; it will quickly become your favorite wind chime!
Sturdy construction of hardwood, brass and strong mesh cord will ensure a very long life, which is good because you’ll never want to be without it! Our customers say it has rapidly become the “one to see” for visiting adults and children alike!
Makes a fantastic gift for horse enthusiasts, mythology lovers, Feng Shui practitioners, wind chime collectors and many more!
Customer satisfaction is our number one concern. Without you we wouldn’t have a purpose! When you buy from the seller Manatee Merch, we want you to be happy and love our wind chimes! Should the product reach you and is damaged or simply does not meet your expectations, contact us directly and we will make it right!