Aukey 16000mAh Solar charger with Type C Unboxing

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You backup battery might be missing one important feature, solar! Image not having to plug in your power bank to charge it. Instead just leaving it out on a …



2 thoughts on “Aukey 16000mAh Solar charger with Type C Unboxing

  1. Dark Star

    There is no proof other than the glow of a small led light that the solar panel actually charges the battery, & if so the conversion of solar to an actual full charge of usable power will probably take longer than a decade. So this product is basically just a high capacity power bank……..& power banks lose power even when not in use. Also over time the internal batteries fade completely making the entire unit useless. Im still looking for a solar charging power bank that actually delivers a full charge of power in a reasonable amount of time using only the solar panels.

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